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Well I think I finally got all the links workin as far as the ones I have done. Now when you click on one of the finished reviews and click one of the buttons on the left left reviews it'll work! Also I got Wolfenstein 3-D's review all done and up w/ pics! They're from Rich if it's not ok that I used your pics please tell me and I'll get um off pronto. Well I think I might get one more review up then call it a day.



Okay I'm finally getting somewhere with the new look. I'm trying to get all the pics and everything working then I'm gunna try to get some of the old reviews into the new format. Also not all the buttons are working yet so that's another thing I'm working on. Any screen shots of the games I've ever reviewed would be appreciated. THANKS P.S. Check out it's awesome!



I've gotten all the 3DO reviews up. Well sorta. I have all of them on the menu but only a handful work. All of them have their score on teh menu though and are waiting to be reformatted to the new site. This takes about 10 to 20 mins. a review though and is very time consuming. Here's the list of the working reviews so you don't have to go down the line: Crime Patrol, Soccer Kid, Return Fire, WotW, and Zhadnost. Also the 3DO Mouse review is up but it's not finished just the text review is there. There's some bugs I still need to iron over on the reviews. Like many of the links to get back to the main page don't work on the reviews, so have your back button on your browser ready ;) Also the sections that work are UPDATES(obviously), REVIEWS, MAIN, ADS, and MSG BOARD. If they don't work reload the site to the main page(type again if something that's supposed to work doesn't work. Confused? Me too. It's a work in progress and I hope to slowly get all the reviews up then polish off another section of the site. The reviews will take awhile though! CYA!

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