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Return Fire

Return Fire is a fun military strategy game. The object is to take your opponnent's flag. You can do this with tank, helicopter, missle launcher, and army car. In two player mode you and your friend try to take eachothers flag. This game is very good espescially if you like army games.

GRAPHICS - 8/10 Graphics are great. I like it when one of your units is destroyed and the little skull guy comes up and laughs! It's great! But the camera could be a little better....Like when you have the army car and your going fast, the camera zooms out way too much. Also when you have the missle launcher, and you slow down the camera zooms in too much. The graphics are pretty good though and they would get 10/10 if the darn camera would stay in one place. The explosions also look good but when you explade a hospital or something the little guys that come out look like ants you can barely see them!

CONTROL - 9/10 Control is fairly simple. The forward button accelerates and the directional buttons move you in that direction. Nothing much to report on this. When your selecting your vehicle you can do two different control options. I'm not sure but I remember one of them completely screws you up. I didn't know how to get it off until playing with it awhile, but I fixed it.

SOUNDS - 9/10 Music in the background is superb and each vehicle getting it's own music was a good idea. The missle sound gets a bit repititious if your like me and just keep blasting and blasting everything you see. When you die and the music symphony stops, thats pretty cool and then the laughter of the skull is hilarious! All of the music after you win the game is great. Also the music you hear during the opening is awesome. All of it is classical and fits in perfectly with the game.

Very FINE! It's fun blasting the hell out of everything. I love shootin' down them helicopters and watch em smash. Or when you have your helicopter out over the water and all of a sudden a huge submarine comes out of no where and blasts you to bits. Two player mode is a whole let better than 1P. There you're up against your friend and trying to get his flag while he tries to get yours. Fun fun when it's close game.

By far one of the better strategy games. With a great sound track and awesome visuals this game is one of my favorites of all time! Pop this bad boy in and you'll be busy for hours and hours on end. I know I was!

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Return Fire


· Publisher:
Prolific Publishing Inc.
· Developer:
Silent Software Inc.
· Released:


· Number of Players: 1-2
· ESRB Rating: 17
· Saving: Password
· Supports: Flightstick