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Killing the competition 3DO is a tank cruising down video game history and blowing up a few things along the way (like angry parents for yelling at them for making AO titles) but it kept chuggin' it seemed unstoppable in it's day with it's 3D graphics, CD sound, and some cool games. It was even designed to be upgraded into an even more powerful machine(i.e. the M2) but this never succeeded. This was also the brick wall in the 3DO tanks way. Cruising straight for it not knowing just how much ammo was left and if there was enough to blow it away. 3DO began firing, Panasonic sold M2 to electronics giant Matushita (or something like that), this was supposed to be extra ammo for the tank but it turned out there was really nothing but blanks left. The tank had made dents in the brick wall but hadn't blasted through. Blasted just enough to see through to the other side. The other side was the glory of being successful and being the most popular gaming platform ever but instead of all this 3DO's tank crashed and burned.

3DO Systems

It was still a little functionable but a couple moments later Sega's tank came rollin right over good ol 3DO. Then Sony's flippin' nuked 3DO basically in the incarnation of Playstation. Fellow 3DOers have resurrected the tank and have fit together peices of it but it will never again function as a whole apocalyptic machine killing everything in it's path.

But wait!! A beacon shines yonder far with a message."Fellow 3DOers you can ressurect the 3DO tank completely if you get enough support!" Good Deal Games will help in the fight but will probably never make a new game unless 3DO gets more support. 3DO's future looks bleak with the coming of the XBOX, Gamecube and the already Playstation 2. And in the retrogaming part Atari seems to be dominating. So 3DO is going into a down hill spiral and only you can save it. 3DO sites constantly are shut down, including many M2 sites and 3DO review sites. All of this saddens the 3DO communinty. SO I, Ryan, have seen fit to the best of my ability to help completely resurrect 3DO with 3DO 4 LIFE. There are still a few 3DO sites out there but most haven't been updated for years. And not in the near future but one day my site will end as well because sooner or later I will have covered everything 3DO. This is very far off though.

Heck look at 3DO TODAY almost never updated and yet he has all those games and doesn't review a one. And look at YOU in the 3DO world looking at my site pickin your ass saying " Gee he needs some better pictures and design! " Why don't you do it then. Or why don't you review a game for me. Nope only one person has e-mailed me about the review but still haven't reviewed the game.

I made that nice message board for you guys but you don't seem to like to answer questions! The 3DO community can flurrish if there is no communication so answer some questions for me and others. Tell others of this site as well because more support means I can make this site bigger as well as have more people to get information from.

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