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Olympic Summer Games

I originally played this game on Playstation. I had a friend over that night and we must have played OSG until about 5 A.M. I absolutely loved this game! Not having seen or played it for almost 2 years I saw OSG at a local gaming store and just knew I had to have it. I bought it along with five other games and popped it in right when I got home. I guess I had forgotten how crappy the graphics were or that 3DO just couldn't handle this title. I was all wrong after I started the 100 m dash. This is soooo addictive and fun to play. After a few hours, your fingers will ache with enjoyment. Now that I think about it, I think the Playstation controller really did a number on my fingers compared to 3DO's. Once you get this game you wanna just play and play it for hours on end. It's sorta like the first time you play Mario for regular Nintendo and you know you just have to beat it so you just keep playing and playing until you have to quit to go to sleep. Then the next morning you pop it right back in and start playing, not even bothering to eat breakfast. That is sorta how I feel about OSG. Not quite that strong, although with a friend it is even more addicting and there's no doubt the feeling is present. Also it could be a great party game. It can be played with 1-8 players. Keep in mind that you have to have eight controllers, as well as teach everyone the simple controls. I've never been able to get together that many people who want to play OSG for one thing!

GRAPHICS - 4/10 As I said the graphics for this game aren't that great.... actually they are horrible. If I didn't know better I wouldn't even really be able to distinguish the fact that those little polygonal blobs are people and not just blobs. The athletes have no real face to look at either, except for a slightly extended polygon on the head which appears to be a nose. The equipment: water, bars, discus, etc.; all are distinguishable but nothing to write home about. Like I said though, the graphics are far over shadowed by the gameplay which simply ROCKS!

CONTROL - 8/10 Nothing much to control. Push 2 buttons mainly and sometimes a third button. I am glad that they didn't make it too complicated but simple so the 8 people that play don't have to warm up to the controls for an hour.

SOUNDS - 6/10 The background music is no where to be found, except for the crowd. The announcers voice is done pretty well. He says some stupid things sometimes but is usually correct in most aspects. He says the same thing some times but this can be overlooked. Background music that is in the menus is average.

This game will simply amaze you at how intense you will want to comppete. The events are as follows: 100 M, 400 M, swimming, high jump, triple jump, long jump, skeet shooting, rapid fire pistol, archery, fencing, pole vault, javelin, hammer, discus, weight lifting, high jump, and maybe a couple others. Quite a lot isn't there! This is why the game never grows stale, due to the variety in game play. The events are very varied and I never seem to grow tired of doing them all again and again if I do a couple other events after I am done with that one. I don't think I have played a game with events or mini games like this with this many! And best of all almost all of the events are fun to play. I do have to say that weight lifting would have to be the toughest! After you get up to 203 or so, it is simply impossible!

This game may have some of the crappiest polgonal graphics I have ever seen, but the gameplay, more than makes up for it. This is a good example of why companies should stop paying such great attention to detail and more to the overall gameplay and controls of the game.

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Olympic Summer Games


· Publisher:
· Developer:
ID Software
· Released:


· Number of Players: 1-8
· ESRB Rating: K-A
· Saving: 400 bytes
· Supports: Controller