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Road Rash

Road Rash is THE motorcycle racing game. It's just incredible! You get to choose from around 10 to 15 bikers, all start out with different bikes cash, weapons and reputation. That's the cool thing about Road Rash you can kick your opponent sending him flying across the screen or you can punch or use a weapon if awailable to finally knock the enemy off of his bike. There are 5 different environments to race in and 6 levels(I think) to play. So all together about 30 races total. If you came in 1st, 2nd or 3rd you qualify for that environment/level and get cash. If you don't you get a small amount of cash and don't qualify. There are also cops that pop up every once in awhile, just remember to not hit anything other wise you'll be fined if he catches you. You also have to pay for repairs if your bike gets to battered.

GRAPHICS - 9/10 Great graphics! Some of the best on the 3DO I think. Sure the environment backgrounds aren't the greatest but the bikers are. The well drawn "cartoon" characters are well done and look gross, which is good since bikers are gross. It looks good for the 3DO!

CONTROL - 8/10 Well it is really hard to tell since it depends on the bike. Some swerve all over the place while others barely move when you push the direction pad. Punching and kicking is easily performed which is great since that is probably the funnest part of the game. Navigation of the option screens is a breeze as well.

SOUNDS - 9/10 It was a great idea to hve all of those real artists playing in the background before the races. It's also cool how you can go in the options menu and select which song you want. The engines of the bikes are done well too.

Very enthralling. I just can't get enough of this game. It is a riot picking off each biker one by one, slowing down just so you can pummel them a few more, and ramming them into oncoming traffic! My only complaint is that there should be a rear view mirror so you can see who's coming up on ya!

Another great game by EA, with great everything. This WAS the reason to own a 3DO back in the day. I am still trying to figure out why the box says explict content.... I mean the game isn't that horribly violent or anything bad like that. But oh well, it's a great game. Check it out, and buy it even if it costs you 15 bucks it is worth it.

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Road Rash Box


· Publisher:
Electronic Arts
· Developer:
Electronic Arts
· Released:


· Number of Players: 1-2
· ESRB Rating: Warning: Mature Themes
· Saving: 244 bytes
· Supports: Controller