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Way of The Warrior

Way of the Warrior is one of those gory, fast paced, really hard to beat fighters. But it is also a very good one. There are 8 characters you can choose from and 3 bosses. You can taunt your opponent and while taunting can use skull magic which has some cool things you can do. Some fatalities are also done while taunting.

GRAPHICS - 8/10 Great characters. The fire that some shoot looks amazing on the screen especially when one hits your opponent! The backgrounds are well done. Really no problems to report of here. The intro and the video sequences are a little grainy but not too bad.

CONTROL - 8/10 Only complaint is sometimes the jumping is a bit to hard to control. Moves are easily executed many of which can be performed in a sweeping motion which makes it very easy to perform. Some of the fatality are difficult to pull of but I guess they should be! Now if they had just made it a lot harder to delete everything in the memory for WotW it'd make the game better for me. I hit L and R at the same time on the menu and it deleted all my saves!

SOUNDS - 9/10 Awesome White Zombie background music! If you like White Zombie pick this game up because it has their whole cd on it. The voices are funny in the background! The Dragon's "WHAAAA!" always gets to me! It's hilarious what some of the characters say at the end of matches.

I like how you "sign in" to play and then you can compare your fighting statistics with others that have played. Only thing some people might not like about this game is the sheer difficulty. When I first played this game I hated it! But after I got better at it, it grew on me and now I really enjoy playing it. The Dragon would have to be my favorite character. I can perform almost all of his moves. I have beaten WotW on the second hardest difficulty only using two continues! So I am pretty good and can smoke just about anyone in it. This game would be kickin if they had a modem for 3DO and I could pound some little Japanese kid senseless! One reason why I think the magazines rated this game so harshly was because of its difficulty. EGM I can still remember gave it 3 and 4's out of 10! Now I think if they were as good as me they would like it a lot. Everyone always says that WotW is just a Mortal Kombat wanna be but I think that it is much better than MK and people just say that because the two are so gory.

A great fighting game with plenty of gore. I bet you didn't know that before Naughty Dog made Crash they made Way of the Warrior. Yep it's true! If people would have bought more of this game Naughty Dog would have been spewing about 10 WotW games by now.....but nope people had to buy into that stupid bandicoot and now look how many they've made. I think they just made their 5th one! But OVERALL this game is awesome and you should definitely buy it if you like gory fighters!

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Way of The Warrior


· Publisher:
Universal Interactive Studios
· Developer:
Naughty Dog
· Released:


· Number of Players: 1-2
· ESRB Rating: 17
· Saving: 900-1000 bytes
· Supports: Arcade Stick