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Wolfenstein 3-D

Wolfenstein is a classic for the computer and now its been ported over to the computer. I only had the cheap little shareware version, and I had beaten that a good 20 times. There are 7 Wolfenstein games all on one disk! All of these seperately, when they first came out on the computer would have been about 420 dollars total!! Because I remember each cost 60 bucks a piece. Considering the 3DO version when it first came out was only 40 and now only 10 this is a great deal even if you have played the original. All of the games could have been condensed into one big game because it is pretty much the same. All 7 games have the same theme pretty much, except in some you shoot just Nazi's and others you shoot them and monsters. Wolfenstein is a first person shooter similar to doom only more life like. Your mission is to kill as many Nazi's as you can and at the beginning to escape from prison. The concept does get stale however after about 20 levels.

GRAPHICS - 9/10 The graphics are actually improved over the computer ones. The guns look better and so do some other item changes. everything looks a lot clearer and better looking then the original. The graphics aren't just a perfect port but improved.

CONTROL - 7/10 The control is pretty good but I think that it could have been a little better. My first complaint is, why isn't this game Flightstick compatible!?!? It could have rocked but NOoOoO! Second is it is hard to be precise with the control and directly hit sometimes. The control overall though is still very playable and worthy of the 3DO, just not as good as it could have been.

SOUNDS - 8/10 Background music is well done. The Nazi yelling is some of the greatest and funniest stuff I've heard. This is also improved over the original dramatically on things like when the door opens and when you shoot the Nazi's. Very well done except for the fact that they change the sound of when you go over treasure. I used to love the PC sound but now it sucks! My only complaint and its just a minor one.

This game does kick some butt! It is still a classic from the PC, it has 7 games in it, you can save after each level, there are graphic and sound improvements, plenty of weapons, and does require a little strategy. The fact that there are seven games gives me the reason to buy it. If you have played the original shareware version and liked it you will like this even more. The only reason it didn't score perfect is the control is a little tough and the gameplay does get a bit repetive and frustrating(anyone run around for 20 mins. to find the door out, just to see that you need a key you dont have!) Also some of the Nazi's walk kinda funny and some of those machine gun guys seem stupid and never shoot when I am close. Still this is a great game and you will probably not notice its very very minor defects.

The PC version is a classic and so is the 3DO version. A very well done game that isn't just a port but actually improved in a lot of areas. This is how Flashback and Out of this World should have been. All of the levels and weapons make this a great game!

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Wolfenstein 3-D


· Publisher:
· Developer:
ID Software
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· Number of Players: 1
· ESRB Rating: 17
· Saving: 400 bytes
· Supports: Controller