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This was my first 3DO game I purchased. I was a little disappointed to find out that I couldn't play this game, seeing as you need at least 2 people and can play with up to 4. So I had to invite a friend over.... we enjoyed Zhadnost for a while seeing as it is easy to learn and there are lots of mini games(matching sounds, trivia, yankee stooge cinema, matching shapes, etc.) but that money go round at the end of each round is just plain stupid. Ooooooo hit the forward button, oooooo watch contestant move up a space! We got really bored there! Then after that there were these really old commercials which were alright.

GRAPHICS - 8/10 FMV and backgrounds are all done well. I like the cast they threw together! Some of them are just downright funny. The FMV is very crisp and some of the best I've ever seen. It's not really blocky or anything like you'd seen in an ALG game. The atmosphere is just fun. The characters are all pretty odd and dance around but it all looks good.

CONTROL - 6.5/10 Alright lets get this straight, the money-go-round- is bogus. But all the the little mini games have good control. But the money-go-round is the heart of the game since it determines who wins and who loses. The Yankee Stooge Cinema seems to be a little slow on response. Some of the mini games move the cursor fast other slow. It's a bit odd. One thing that I liked over Twisted is that you can't screw your other persons game up. Well they had to make this feature since it's two players. In Twisted if you weren't paying attention and you thought you were up you could press your controller button and make something happen for the other player.

SOUNDS - 9/10 Very well done voice acting! The announcer is really enthusiastic and really gets you into the game. I love the sound matching, some of those sounds are hilarious. The host is great! Although he does repeat sometimes. Sound effects are top notch. Background music is good too.

Variety of gameplay. I thought it was great how the game saves which questions you have benn asked to the memory. Somebody upstairs was thinking. Look at Who Wants To Be A Millionare game on the PC. Geeze there are a ton of repeated questions. If only they had gone by Zhadnost's example the game would be fun! I knocked off a point though do to the stupid money-go-round. You and your opponent fight for time on the money go round in various mini games. The mini game you play is decided by the two players. There are two matching games. In one you match sounds and in the other pictures. Both are pretty tough. In another you match objects that have the most similarities, which is one of my favorite. One has you taking jumbled peices of a movie which is fun because the movie is going on as you move the peices. Yet another is trivia. Oh and there's always an instant win too.

A must have for two reasons:1.Ya getta controller, and 2. It's a good game. But it is almost identical to Twisted except for a few aspects of it. But hey, I own both and am happy! It's a great game if you like competing against someone because all the challenges have the 2 to 4 players going at it 2 at a time. Great fun with 4 people!

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· Publisher:
Studio 3DO
· Developer:
Studio 3DO
· Released:


· Number of Players: 2-4
· ESRB Rating: 12
· Saving: 900-1000 ?'s&Commercials bytes
· Supports: none